Acturian Logo Use Guidelines

You may use the Acturian name and its graphical representation (“Acturian Logo”) to refer to The Actuarial World Championships only in accordance with these Acturian Logo Use Guidelines (“Guidelines”).

The Acturian Logo is among our most valuable assets. In order to preserve and strengthen our identity, these Guidelines will provide you with conditions of use and clear instructions on proper use. However, preserving and strengthening our identity can only be achieved through your understanding and cooperation in using the Acturian Logo consistently throughout the world.

Acturian Logo

The Acturian Logo is a typed drawing in a deliberate font and colours. Care should be taken to provide sufficient contrast between background color and the Acturian Logo to ensure good contrast and clear legibility.

Minimum Size

In order to ensure sharp reproductions of the Acturian Logo, the width of the Acturian Logo should not be printed smaller than 30 pixels high minimum.

Area of Non-Interference

The area of non-interference is a clear zone around the Acturian Logo. In order to ensure visibility and impact and to present the Acturian Logo without competition from other typographical or graphical elements.

Avoiding Improper Use of the Acturian Logo

  • Never reproduce the Acturian Logo from unauthorized artwork.
  • No modifications to the Acturian Logo, including color specifications, position and relative size of the letterings are permitted.
  • Never present the Acturian Logo using negative or reverse “drop-out” reproduction.
  • Never confine the Acturian Logo tightly in a band or bar.
  • Never present other seals, logos or other marks in close proximity to the Acturian Logo.
  • Do not use the Acturian Logo in association with any third party trademark in a manner that might create potential confusion as to the ownership of the Acturian Logo.
  • Do not use the Acturian Logo outside the relationship agreed upon by Acturian.

Use of the Acturian Logo on the Internet

  • The Acturian Logo will be provided by Acturian and must be displayed in the manner specified in these Guidelines. The presentation of the Acturian Logo must include a description of your relationship to Acturian. In addition, the Acturian Logo must be linked to the website.
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