The Actuarial World Championships (Acturian™) is an educational and challenging competition for actuarial professionals and university students in Life Insurance, General Insurance, Pensions, Risk, Investments, Mathematics and Quantitative Disciplines. The Championship involves two Online Qualification Rounds, with a Live World Finals Event in New York, USA.

The competition seeks to promote and celebrate analytical skills and educational learning in Actuarial Sciences and Science Technology Engineering and Maths (“STEM”). Actuaries make financial sense of the future; their unique combination of analytical and business skills help solve critical financial and social problems. We celebrate with Global Finance and Insurance leaders, communities and educational institutes that continue to inspire today’s leaders and tomorrow’s superstars of Actuarial Science.

The Actuarial World Championships is independently administered by the Professional Services Champions League (PSCL), governing body and organizer of the Official Financial Modeling World Championships, Big Data Analytics World Championships, High IQ World Championships, Sports Analytics World Championships and Customer Loyalty World Championships for over 10,000 professionals in 110 countries since 2012 ( This league of World Championship events is best known for challenging case studies and multiple-choice questions that combine wide-ranging technical excellence, commercial objectives and theoretical foundations. Every competing professional and student improves real-world analytical skills and builds their professional careers. High performing participants build reputation as established world-class practitioners and future leaders within the Professional Services and Consulting industry.



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